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Seattle Summer, 2018

It’s so unnaturally still and quiet outside right now. No birds, no kids, no barking dogs, no people walking and talking. Nothing.   The usual sounds of summer in our neighborhood are gone. Even the whir of fans has been … Continue reading

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I Can’t Hear You: Autism and Perception

Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. I can focus decently in one-on-one conversations in quiet places, and I have no idea why they stuck the rude joke on at the ending – it detracts from the video’s validity. But … Continue reading

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RPG Sourcebook Writing 101

My friend Lee remarked that they’d love to see someone post a RPG Supplements Writing 101 course. Here was my response: Rule #1: Find a premise that gets you going, “I would spend money on THAT!“ Rule #2: Outline the … Continue reading

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