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Abuse: Knowing the Game…

Regarding Z. Shitbird: That’s the only consideration I’m going to afford this attention-seeking toilet bowl. Seeing how hungry he is to be considered relevant, I figure that anything more than this brief mention would be giving him what he so … Continue reading

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I Can’t Hear You: Autism and Perception

Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. I can focus decently in one-on-one conversations in quiet places, and I have no idea why they stuck the rude joke on at the ending – it detracts from the video’s validity. But … Continue reading

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Not Sanskrit for “Doormat”

Recently – especially within the last week or so – I’ve had a number of folks tell me that they used to idolize me and my work for opening their minds, and yet they’re somehow surprised that I feel disgusted … Continue reading

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6 Points to Understanding (Conflicts With) Men

Why do men and women play so many head-games with one another? Why do dudes freak the fuck out when it seems like we’re not getting our way? The following note originated in my response to a female friend who … Continue reading

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