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Rise of the Bigger, Better South

In many regards, I am a Southerner. Sure, I live in Seattle now, I was born in California, and my parents are both New Yorkers. But aside from two years spent in Hawaii during the mid-1970s, I was raised in … Continue reading

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Bluebeard’s Bride: Nightmarish Game of a Fracturing Self

The sunroom is full of bright green plants and birdcages with colorful songbirds. From an old-fashioned gramophone comes the sound of a woman singing plaintively in an unknown language, and there is a tea cart with a shiny silver tea … Continue reading

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Deducting Truths All the Way to the Bank

Among the many, many lies Republicans tell us with regards to taxation in the United States is the old chestnut about the US having the highest (corporate) tax rates in the world. First off, that’s a bald-faced lie disproved by … Continue reading

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