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50 Rocks: Part Two – Take My Bass Away

(For Part One in this series, go here.) To be blunt, I sucked. Sure, I had a bass. For a few short months around 1983, I had two of them. That did not, as I realized, confer an instant understanding … Continue reading

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50 Rocks: Part One – Fire and Four Strings

I’ve always wanted to be a rock star. Go figure. Like any red-blooded pre-teenage male in 1978, I used to air-guitar with my friend Mike Delahanty to the antics of KISS Alive II – complete with fireballs made from hairspray … Continue reading

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Mage 20 Q&A, Part III: Mage and Various Mass Media

PART III: MAGE’S MEDIA INFLUENCES   (Jaz Coleman – chaos magician and bandleader of Killing Joke.) Q: What are some of your favorite movies, TV shows, comedians, and musical artists? And how might they have influenced your work on Mage? … Continue reading

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Mage 20 Q&A, Part II: Who’s Satyr, and What Does He Have to do With Mage?

PART II: A SEATTLE SATYR IN THE WORLD OF DARKNESS COURT (For Part I, click here.) (“Verbena,” from Mage: The Ascension 1st Edition; art by Michael William Kaluta.) Q: What’s your involvement with White Wolf, Onyx Path, and the World … Continue reading

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