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Abuse: Knowing the Game…

Regarding Z. Shitbird: That’s the only consideration I’m going to afford this attention-seeking toilet bowl. Seeing how hungry he is to be considered relevant, I figure that anything more than this brief mention would be giving him what he so … Continue reading

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Guns, Media, and Money

The United States was built upon five things that are biting us hard in the ass right now: 1. A literally religious mythology of divine favor. 2. A culture founded entirely upon buying and selling goods. 3. A revolution conducted … Continue reading

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Not Sanskrit for “Doormat”

Recently – especially within the last week or so – I’ve had a number of folks tell me that they used to idolize me and my work for opening their minds, and yet they’re somehow surprised that I feel disgusted … Continue reading

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It IS About Race

You can say that this is not about race. But you’d be wrong. Oh, it’s not ONLY about race. It’s also about economic class warfare, militarized police forces, the profitability of fear-based mass media, and the pervasive culture of bullying, … Continue reading

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Worship, Shit, and Extraordinary Efforts

Something to remember, especially for folks who dare to live beyond the mainstream:  Whenever you do something extraordinary, there will be people who worship you for doing it when they didn’t, and those who throw shit at you because you … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Claiming Power

Our world does not want us to be heroes. Heroes make folks nervous. They challenge us by standing out. While society shows us what we can buy, heroes show us what we are not. And that display makes folks profoundly uncomfortable. As … Continue reading

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