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It IS About Race

You can say that this is not about race. But you’d be wrong. Oh, it’s not ONLY about race. It’s also about economic class warfare, militarized police forces, the profitability of fear-based mass media, and the pervasive culture of bullying, … Continue reading

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Tea, the Bible, and the Marketplace

Some time ago, a theatrical malcontent and his followers took drastic action. Enraged by the corruption of church, state and the marketplace, they attacked the merchants, trashed their goods, and occupied the temple where the marketplace had set up shop. … Continue reading

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“Not Part of the 99%”? You’re Fooling Yourself

“I’m not part of the 99%.” That’s the catch-phrase of a counter-protest that misunderstands the entire nature of the Occupy movement. Buying the lies that 99% activists are just a bunch of unemployed hippies looking for handouts, people like the … Continue reading

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Reckoning Day for the Corporate Citizen

(Originally posted in mid-2011, shortly after the Occupy Wall Street protests had begun, this post’s original appearance had garnered over 20,000 views and almost 1000 Shares. Subsequent events have made the article even more pertinent than it was when it was … Continue reading

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