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Deducting Truths All the Way to the Bank

Among the many, many lies Republicans tell us with regards to taxation in the United States is the old chestnut about the US having the highest (corporate) tax rates in the world. First off, that’s a bald-faced lie disproved by … Continue reading

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Tea, the Bible, and the Marketplace

Some time ago, a theatrical malcontent and his followers took drastic action. Enraged by the corruption of church, state and the marketplace, they attacked the merchants, trashed their goods, and occupied the temple where the marketplace had set up shop. … Continue reading

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Economics, Knowledge & Power

Especially these days, all Americans should be required to take a real-world Economics course – in high school if not earlier. I’m not talking about “Home Ec,” that throwback to women-in-the-kitchen days that (last I knew) offers some practical household … Continue reading

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Profits, Pirates, and the Bottom Line

  Here’s a random thought on business management, informed by decades as both an employee and a business owner:   A large portion of American business practices (and non-American business practices, as well) are driven by an erroneous concept of “the … Continue reading

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