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Ticking Away the Luxury of Time

I have complicated feelings about this situation [1]. On one hand, I recognize that armed violence is exactly what this situation has been engineered to provoke, and that van Spronsen’s attack will be used to justify further crackdowns and escalations … Continue reading

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Call it what it is: TREASON.   The Republican congress is complicit.   Fox News is an active party to it.   The Fraternal Order of Police defends it.   The so-called “patriots” who spent eight years screaming for the … Continue reading

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An Avatar, not an Aberration

This gunman is anything but “alone.” This smug little monster took the words of Ted Nugent, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Megyn Kelly, Phil Robertson, Laura Ingram, and so forth at face value and then … Continue reading

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“Race Music” (Music, Magic & History, Part IX)

It’s hard to really hear her voice with all the jigaboo music — whatever you want to call it — jigaboo!  – Kristi Capel, Fox News anchor, referring to a performance by the Italian-American artist Lady Gaga (2015) As becomes … Continue reading

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The American Revolution: Misconceptions Clarified

Given the common misconception that the American Revolution was won by some rag-tag militia force (a view restated on one of my blogs by a friend who is, of all things, a teacher), and the pervasive influence of that myth … Continue reading

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