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KISS and Fuck Up

“I would,” said President The Donald in response to a question about his administration’s catastrophic response to the COVI-19 pandemic, “rate it a ten. I think we have done a great job.” Facts disagree… but then, facts have little place … Continue reading

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Permanent Wows

Momentary break from politics: I was just listening to Rush’s album Permanent Waves in the car, and realizing that record presents Neil Peart at the absolute pinnacle of his lyrical game.   Peart had his definite ups and downs with … Continue reading

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50 Rocks: Telesterion’s Debut Album Released!

This post involves moving somewhat ahead of the story with regards to my 50 Rocks series of articles. Still, it’s a rather sweet milestone for me: My band Telesterion released our self-titled debut album yesterday, and it’s getting a very … Continue reading

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New Patreon Update: Powerchords Previews

My Patreon page has a new update of sponsor-exclusive content – in this case, a few preview pages from my work-in-progress POWERCHORDS: MUSIC, MAGICK & URBAN FANTASY. Despite an all-too-lengthy gestation process, Powerchords is in the layout-proofing stage now, and … Continue reading

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50 Rocks: Part Two – Take My Bass Away

(For Part One in this series, go here.) To be blunt, I sucked. Sure, I had a bass. For a few short months around 1983, I had two of them. That did not, as I realized, confer an instant understanding … Continue reading

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50 Rocks: Part One – Fire and Four Strings

I’ve always wanted to be a rock star. Go figure. Like any red-blooded pre-teenage male in 1978, I used to air-guitar with my friend Mike Delahanty to the antics of KISS Alive II – complete with fireballs made from hairspray … Continue reading

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Art, Temperament, Sabbath, and Tull

Been on a Jethro Tull kick today, listening to a playlist that spans from their first album This Was up to Leaves to Branches in the early ’90s. And that got me thinking, for some odd reason, about the contrast … Continue reading

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“Race Music” (Music, Magic & History, Part IX)

It’s hard to really hear her voice with all the jigaboo music — whatever you want to call it — jigaboo!  – Kristi Capel, Fox News anchor, referring to a performance by the Italian-American artist Lady Gaga (2015) As becomes … Continue reading

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“Where Can I Find your Fiction?”

They strain: wolf and woman, struggling. Red cords burn across their skins, biting deep enough to bleed. Rich scents coil as they breathe, reaching in and drawing out again. The wolf thrashes in her grip. She dodges its teeth and … Continue reading

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Iron Men and Diamond Dogs (Music, Magic & History, Part VIII)

…those born of the underground had found the massive financial rewards of their commercial success overwhelming, and misspent the better part of the music’s artistic currency. That failure of nerve had simply and tragically reduced rock’s practical power to the … Continue reading

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