A World Bigger Than Ourselves

Dear Fellow Melanin-Deprived Individuals, most especially my fellow dudes:

Please just Shut Up.

Tape Over Mouth

There is no such thing as “the white race.” It’s a crock. The “heritage of white culture” is not a thing. Russia is not Rome is not England is not Sweden, and mashing them all together into a slot called “white culture” makes you look like an ignorant jackass.

There is no such thing as “white genocide,” either, though when y’all waste endless time and pixels ranting about it, it makes some folks – including other folks who are so-called “white” – wish we could enact one just to shut you up. (Yes, I’m kidding. Sorta.) Historically speaking, you know who’s committed “white genocide”? Other white people. That’s the facts, Jack.

Whiteness is the invention of a handful of British dudes a couple hundred years ago who wanted an excuse to justify slavery. [*1] That’s it. That’s all. You’ve been had. Deal with it.

The entire idea of “race” is literally race-ist: The linguistic root of that word comes from the Old Norse word ras, meaning “a rush of water.” The modern form of that word derives from the Old English raes, which adds connotations of attack, fury, storm and motion. The whole concept of the word is based on a notion that different sorts of people exist in ferocious competition with one another. And yet, linguistically speaking, “race” is literally fluid, always changing, pushing forward without rest… the very opposite of homogenized, discrete entities.

Human beings – like water, culture, and genetics themselves – are not set in stone. Thus, the word “race” is both poetically apt when referring to humanity as a species, and yet totally inaccurate when used to separate us into disparate classes of so-called “superiority. The term may come from an attempt to show us in competition with one another, but – like anything put into rushing water – it literally breaks down under the weight and pressure of constant, natural motion.

Anglo-Nordics are not superior. Why is this even a question? In what universe is Honey Boo Boo the product of a Master Race? The entire concept is based on junk science that makes phrenology look like quantum physics. That concept, too, is a recent invention, disproved ages ago, repeatedly, with quantifiable scientific proof. Move on, people. The future awaits.

The Roman Empire wasn’t “white.” Classical Greece wasn’t either. Ancient Egypt was less white than Harlem, and that’s not even getting into China – the place that innovated most of human technology while Western Europe still was building huts made of mud, shit and straw.

And yes, ACTUALLY there were, in fact, dark-skinned people living in medieval Europe. Lots of them. Whole nations of them. Go look up Al-Andalus, the Ottoman Empire, and the history of Spain. For fuck’s sake, educate yourselves somewhere other than Stormfront and 4Chan and old Erroll Flynn films. Recess, kids, is over.

(And by all that’s holy, go read up on the Crusades, the Inquisition, the European witch-craze and the Thirty Years’ War before going off about the evils of Islam and supposed moral greatness of Christianity.)

Jesus wasn’t white. Saint Nick wasn’t white. The entire idea rests on a bunch of self-congratulatory nonsense churned out by people who spent a few decades being paid by the word and image to produce it. It’s not true, and it never was. Get a goddamned clue.

Jesus not White

“So who’s that hippie everyone keeps talking about?”

This is especially true of the contention that fantasy media is “rightfully” the dominion of het white dudes. If you knew nearly as much about F/SF history as you claim to know about it, you’d realize that modern fantasy media was essentially invented by two women and a Black dude back before Robert Heinlein and J.R.R. Tolkien were even born. The only reason white guys dominated the field for a few decades was because they shut the gate on everybody except “their own kind.” Even then, that gate’s been open for over half a century now. Gods almighty, get the fuck over yourselves.

I shouldn’t have to say this. No one should. This all should, as the man said, be self-evident. Anyone who’s capable of using Google or a library card for more than enforcing their own sense of self-delusion already knows this stuff. It’s entry-level. Get with the fucking program.

How pathetic and scared must a person be to so deeply fear a world that’s bigger than themselves?

And how much more pathetic must one be to keep insisting one is right when all the evidence shows otherwise?

Fellow Euro-Americans, you’re embarrassing yourselves, and you’re annoying everybody else. Including me.

Just. Fucking. Stop.

Thank you.

Race Water

Lookit all the pretty colors…


* 1: To add insult to idiocy, the concept derives from casta, the Spanish justification for ethnic conquest and supposed “racial” superiority. As anyone who’s so much as glanced at the history of the Iberian region and its cultures knows, Imperial Spain was not remotely “white” in the sense of an Anglo-Nordic superiority complex. 

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