You Do Not Get to Play Nazi without Getting Treated like a Nazi (Charlottesville Riots, Pt. II)

“Help! Help!” cried the torch-bearing Nazi, “I’m being oppressed!”

Peter Cvjetanovic, may you never be hired, laid, or welcomed into the company of your fellow human beings again.

You chose this path, fuckstick. You walk it.

Peter Cvjetanovic, loser at large

Peter Cvjetanovic, loser at large.

And before someone complains I’m being too harsh on that poor boy, remember that a whole lot of Black, Latino and Native American kids his age or younger would be dead by now if they’d done what he’s done… and that plenty of his apologists would vilify those other boys for doing exactly the same thing.

Oh, and another point I’d like to underscore:

He’s not from the South. I am.

The people who resisted him came largely from the South as well. Like Richard Spencer and the car-wielding murderer I won’t even name here because I refuse to give him the infamy he craves, Cvjetanovic flew in from another part of the country and used the South as an excuse for their real agenda: a public opportunity to glory in fear and ignite a race-war everywhere.

This wretched little piss-smear isn’t a hard-working blue-collar laborer from flyover country whose dire economic plight has been neglected by the sneering smug liberal elite. Peter Cvjetanovic is a well-off college boy “studying history and political science” and yet doing that so badly that he could be radicalized – not four hours’ drive from fucking Burning Man, no less – into spending more money than I make in a month to fly across the country so he could wave a blazing torch around a statue of Robert E. Lee.

And yes, let’s call it what it is: RADICALIZED. These ambulatory cockstains are being deliberately fed – and are choosing to accept – a violent agenda of overthrow and conquest as part of their ethnic identity. They have a body count, and it is growing. It is their professed intention to destroy other people’s lives in pursuit of their perceived superiority.

If they were brown-skinned dudes wearing keffiyeh instead of Oxford shirts, we would be bombing the shit out of them right now.


Portrait of Yeehawdi as a very stupid man.

This is not the cry of oppressed wage-slaves in the heartland of America. It is the whine of entitled, pale-skinned enfant terribles whose delusions of kingship exist at the expense of their fellow human beings.

He sees himself as a hero when in fact he’s a parasitic turd.

Who joins the alt-reich? Bored white boys and girls raised on a steady diet of Fox News and InfoWars who’ve spent eight of the last nine years hearing and fearing that The Scary Black President was a Muslim and a Nazi and an anchor baby and a Maoist and whatever other racist dumbshit swill happened to make the rounds that news day. They’re kids who’ve grown up without having a viable employment situation, and bloated middle-aged chawheads who got Jesus confused with Lynrd Skynrd somewhere down the pike and didn’t bother to learn what either party actually stood for when they said the things that made them great. They’re “temporarily embarrassed millionaires” who expect Trump to whip out his magic dong and ejaculate money into a seething economic wound, and rich sociopaths whose idea of prosperity involves a condescending smirk and a half-million-dollar car and if some libotard cuck bitch-ass faggots get hurt in the process then that money is all the sweeter. These are people raised on Back to the Future films who thought Biff Tannin was the hero, who watched Wall Street and cheered for Gorden Gekko. They are the backwashed inbred spawn of a self-important, deluded, narcissistic culture in which compassion is for the weak. They equate “freedom” with “my ability to ‘roll coal’ for the sheer pleasure of pissing off them libotards.” They are the pimples on Ted Nugent’s ass, shouting “Rush (Limbaugh) is right!” because that seems somehow, in their pathetic little lives, to be something a “real Amuuurikin” does.

To hell with every one of them.

You do not get to play Nazi without getting treated like a Nazi.

You do not get to play Nazi without getting treated like a Nazi.

You do not get to play Nazi without getting treated like a Nazi.

I don’t give a fuck if the Black Man in “your” White House scared you.

I don’t care if you’re doing it For Teh Lolz, or you think their uniforms look kewl.

I don’t care if you’re suffering some existential crisis because no girl or boy will suck your cock and so you seek out solace on 4Chan, InfoWars and Return of Kings for a virtual circle jerk of like-minded loser apes who masturbate to bad Conan fan-fic disguised as “alternative philosophy.”

I don’t care.

You strap on that armband, or fly that swastika, or seig heil or Trump or Hitler or whatever, then you are the enemy.

When things get to this stage, you don’t have a fucking “side to your story.” You’ve given away that right, and history has already condemned you.


Holey Toht!

And so, I want every single one of the bastards who decided to march through a city bearing Nazi regalia and howling for white supremacy to be thoroughly, righteously shunned.

I want every turdhearted parasitical racist fuckstick in every video and every photo from that march to lose his job, his home, and his loved ones. I want cops showing up on his door with handcuffs and a warrant. I want them to live in the fear they inspire in their would-be victims, and I want every single one of them to experience the misery they openly wish for and act to bring about for others.

I want them called out in the internet and vigorously expelled from everyday society. I want their social media accounts terminated for TOS violations, and if someone decided to reveal their names and workplaces, I would not be disappointed.

I’m not worried that this will “radicalize” them because they’ve already been radicalized.

They. Chose. This. Let them deal with the results.

As Sandra Swan often says, sometimes the most loving thing you can do for a person involves allowing them to experience the consequences of their actions.

This is how I choose to love my enemies.

And let’s be clear: These people are enemies of us all.

Before some jackass “devil’s advocate” shows up to inevitably reveal their lack of understanding of what that phrase actually means, I’ll point out that the difference between this shitfest and the Occupy, Standing Rock and Black Lives Matter protests is that the latter three address real threats and grievances by the people who are protesting, while this nonsense involves directly threatening the lives and liberties of fellow citizens for the imagined crime of being The Other.

As far as “getting their side of the story,” their side of the story is simple: “I’m an asshole loser who fails at life and blames my inadequacies on the existence of other people.” That’s it. That’s it, that’s all. When you start literally carrying torches for the Nazi cause, that’s the only side you have.

This shit is not “free speech” or “the freedom to assemble.” This is calling for the violent collapse of your society and its replacement by genocidal ethnic rule. According to the Supreme Court itself, incitements to mob violence are not protected speech. (cf. Schenck v. United States and Brandenburg v. Ohio)… and even if they were, the First Amendment protects you from government persecution, not from the hatred of your fellow citizens.

These wretch-headed pissant thug-boys have violated the boundaries of a civil society. They should be treated with all appropriate contempt in return.

Nazis in VA

Where’s that Ark when you need it?

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