Coyote Needs a Dog (GoFundMe Campaign)

Coyote Ashley Ward is one of us.


Coyote Ashley Ward, photo by Sandra Buskirk


By “us,” I mean, she’s a badass everyday hero – a mom, a lover, a survivor of the sorts of everyday battles you don’t see in the movies. Despite an array of physical and neurological challenges that she’s had since before she was born, Coyote brings love and insight and power and joy to her small corner of our world.

Over ten years ago, back when we first met, she helped me get through one of the worst weekends of my life. Since then, she’s become one of my favorite people on earth.




Right now, she and her family need help. They are conducting a GoFundMe campaign to raise money so that Coyote – who is battling bone cancer – can get a trained service dog to help her and her family get through the days.

Please help me help them.

Thank you.

Hi! My name is Coyote. Some of you know me by my legal name: Ashley Ward.

I’m going to train a service dog for myself, with the oversight of a local service dog trainer. Friends and family have been asking me to do fundraising so they can help out, so that’s what this is for 🙂 The money raised here will go to the trainer, and into an emergency fund in case of emergency vet visits, and to help pay for mobility equipment (such as one of the Bold Lead Designs mobility harnesses).


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