Appendix: A Game of You (Part 3.5 of 3)


As a supplement to the three-part article I’ve been posting these last few days (and as part of the original article series in newWitch magazine), I commend the following works to gamers intrigued by “real world” magical/ spiritual elements. Cited authors are the primary creators. None of the following games feature “real-life” spellwork or demand the blood of innocents. Enjoy! 

Ars Magica, by Jonathan Tweet and Mark Rein•Hagen (many editions and publishers; currently Atlas Games, 2004)

Armageddon, by C.J. Carella (Myrmidon Press, 1997; Eden Studios, 2003)

Authentic Thaumaturgy, by Isaac Bonewits (Chaosium Games, 1978; Steve Jackson Games, 1998)

Changeling: The Lost, by Ethan Skemp (White Wolf Game Studio, 2007)

Chivalry & Sorcery, by Edward E. Simalist and Wilf K. Backhaus (five editions and publishers, 1977-2000)

Deliria: Faerie Tales for a New Millennium, by Phil Brucato (Laughing Pan Productions, 2003)

The Everlasting, by Stephen C. Brown (Visionary Entertainment, 1997/ 2003)

GURPS: CabalGrimoirieMagicReligionVoodooWizards and many others, by various authors (Steve Jackson Games, extensive editions and publication dates)

In Nomine, by Derek Pearcy and Steve Jackson (Steve Jackson, 1997/ 2000). Based on the French RPG In Nomine

Satanis/ Magna Veritas, by Croc (Siroz 1994-2003)

Mage: The AscensionMage: The Sorcerers Crusade, and Mage: The Awakening, by Stewart Wieck, Phil Brucato, Bill Bridges and various authors (White Wolf Game Studio, 1993/ 1996/ 2000; 1998; 2005)

Nephilim: Occult Roleplaying, by Frederic Weil, Fabrice Lamiday, Sam Shirley and Greg Stafford (Multism, 1992; Chaosium, 1994)

Nobilis, by R. Sean Borgstrom (Pharos Press, 1999;  Hogshead Publishing, 2002)

Pop Culture Magick, by Taylor Ellwood (Immanion Press, 2004)

Runequest, by Greg Stafford (many editions and publishers, 1978-2006)

Tarot Magic, by Andrew Thompson (Mystic Eye Games, 2003)

Unknown Armies, by Greg Stolze and John Tynes (Atlas Games, 1998/ 2004)

Werewolf: The Apocalypse, by Mark Rein•Hagen, Bill Bridges, Ethan Skemp and various authors (White Wolf, 1992/ 1994/ 2000)

WitchCraft, by C.J. Carella (Myrmidon Press, 1996; Eden Studios, 1999)

Witch Hunter: The Invisible World, by Henry Lopez, Brian Schoner and Rob Schwalb (Paradigm Concepts, 2007)  

World of Darkness: Sorcerer, by various authors (White Wolf, 1997/ 2000)



 As per Part 2 in this series, I’ve matched these visionaries with some of their (in)famously “intentional” works:

Bonewits, Issac: Authentic Thaumaturgy

Borgstrom, Rebecca Sean: NobilisThe Game of PowersCainite Heresy

Bridges, Bill: Werewolf: The ApocalypseMonkeywrench: PentexMage: The Awakening

Brown, Stephen C.: The EverlastingPlayers Guide to the SabbatSabbat Storytellers Guide

Brucato, Phil: Mage: The AscensionDeliria: Faerie Tales for a New MillenniumMage: The Sorcerers Crusade

Carella, CJ: ArmageddonWitchCraft

Cassada, Jackie: Changeling: The DreamingMage TarotRavenloft

Chupp, Sam: Werewolf: The ApocalypseThe Book of NodChangeling: The Dreaming

Costikyan, Greg: ParanoiaGhostbusters

Croc: In Nomine Satanis/ Magna Veritas

Dansky, Richard: Wraith: The OblivionExaltedCharnel Houses of Europe

Edwards, Ron: SorcererSex & Sorcery; The Forge online community

Greenberg, Andrew: Vampire: The MasqueradeThe Book of NodThe Anarch’s Cookbook

Hale, William Spencer: Rapture: The Second Coming

Hartshorn, Jennifer: Vampire: The Dark AgesWraith: The OblivionLove Beyond Death

Hickman, Tracy: The DragonlanceForgotten Realms and Rose of the Prophet series

Howard, Len: The Way

Jackson, Steve: In NomineHackerIlluminati: New World Order

Long, Steve: Dark ChampionsJustice, Not Law

Mateas, Michael & Stern, Andrew: Façade

McGee, American: AliceScraplandBad Day L.A.

Molyneux, Peter: FableBlack & White

Moore, Christian: Aria: Chronicle of the Monomyth

Pondsmith, Mike: Castle FalkensteinCybergeneration

Rea, Nicki: RavenloftMage TarotVerbena Tradition Book

Rein•Hagen [EDITOR: SIC]Mark: Vampire: The MasqueradeWerewolf: The Apocalypse;Wraith: The Oblivion

Rilstone, Andrew: Inter*Action/ Inter*Active Fantasy Magazine

Shirley, Sam: NephilimPendragonCall of Cthulhu

Skemp, Ethan: Werewolf: The ApocalypseChangeling: The Lost; Subsidiaries: A Guide to Pentex

Stafford, Greg: RuneQuest; Pendragon; Nephilim

Stolze, Greg: Unknown ArmiesGodlike

Tweet, Jonathan: Ars MagicaEverwayOver the Edge

Wieck, Stewart & Steve: Mage: The AscensionVampire: The Masquerade

Winninger, Ray: UndergroundStreets Tell Stories

Wright, Will: The SimsSpore; Sim City


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Award-winning fantasy author, game-designer, and all 'round creative malcontent. Creator of a whole bunch of stuff, most notably the series Mage: The Ascension, Deliria: Faerie Tales for a New Millennium, and Powerchords: Music, Magic & Urban Fantasy. Lives in Seattle. Hates shoes. Loves cats. Dances a lot.
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